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Our Mission is to provide our customers the best-valued consulting services & the technical/business advice they need from the means of our world-class technology development, best practices experience, and the vast business network we have developed over the years.

Company Profile Altit, Incorporation is a management consulting organization dedicated to providing high quality, professional services to the business, government and non-profit communities.  Altit was founded in 2000, focus on practical solutions and independent perspective to the business and organizational problems faced by its clients.  The firm specializes in two key areas: information technology services and consulting on business performance improvement.

Website Release:

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Website Release:

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IT Services: Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Database Design & Trackiing, Wireless/LAN Setup & Intergration...

We offer the latest technologies and solutions in SAP ERP Package, Cognos Business Intelligence Suite, Web 2.0 Technologies-Microsoft .Net/ASP, SQL based, Adobe Flash.

Business Consulting: Performance Improvment, Strategic Planning & Analysis, Knowledge Management...

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Serviced Industries include: Technology, Healthcare, Semiconductor, Import/Export...
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