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Automate printing and exporting from Adobe InDesign
(PDF, PostScript, EPS, JPEG, SWF, XFL & INX)

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BatchOutput automatically prints and exports multiple and single InDesign documents to various formats. Just select the documents you need to output, adjust the settings, and BatchOutput will do the rest for you.




lExport to PDF

lEPS Export Presets


Let BatchOutput work Instead of you.

You can keep working with other programs while BatchOutput processes InDesign files in the background. Or let BatchOutput work while you're on a lunch break. Or leave it working overnight to output hundreds of documents - the job will be done when you return in the morning.

BatchOutput is not just a plug-in - it's a workflow solution that integrates fully with the Finder, doesn't limit your ability to manipulate InDesign documents when open, and delivers the power of a fully integrated InDesign plug-in combined with the flexibility of an independent application.

Features Overview


  • Print and export multiple and single documents.
  • Output multipage documents as single pages.
  • Use InDesign print and PDF presets.
  • Define custom output settings in the first document.
  • Built-in EPS export presets.
  • Change file name in printer queue.


  • Update modified links automatically.
  • Output documents invisibly.
  • Output non-consecutive page ranges.
  • Save documents after output.


  • Variable output file names (see details).
  • Specify output folder or export to the same folder as InDesign document.
  • Favorite output folders.


  • Add files from system dialog or Finder.
  • Add front document or all open documents.
  • Open and reveal documents in Finder directly from BatchOutput.
  • Detailed progress of the output process.

Variable Output File Names

BatchOutput offers you unmatched capabilities to create variable file names, making it equally indispensable for output of both multiple and single documents. You can compose output file names of up to six parts. You can choose from ten variables to assign to each part:

Variable Details
Custom text Any custom text
InDesign file name  
Script Label This exclusive feature allows you to insert any text from the document into the output file name
Page number (absolute)
Page number (section) Page number as per document section division (e.g. "Intro 1")
Serial number Batch serial number set automatically in BatchOutput
Year Two last digits (08)
Current day
Month (as two digits) (e.g. 02)
Month (first three letters) (e.g. Mar)

System Requirements

• Adobe InDesign CS/CS2/CS3/CS4
• Mac OS X 10.4.2 (or later), Leopard compatible



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