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Performance Improvement If you are truly serious about improving performance and results, RAPID TRANSFORMATION is a must program.  We work with your team to transform your operation and secure the highest return on investment (ROI) for your consulting dollars.  Support for Sarbanes-Oxley efforts is also available.

Strategic Technology Planning and Analysis Matching your true business needs with the right technology.  Services include planning and analysis, feasibility studies, RFP development, vendor selection and project management, to name a few.

Human Resource Tools Through our partnership with Candidate Resources Inc. (CRI), we we can now utilize modern technology more effectively, improving your HR decision making, and easing the management of the employment process.  With its library of web based assessment tools (the Achiever Series) and applicant tracking system (the Employment Center), we we can reduce costs and utilize HR resources more efficiently and effectively.

Knowledge Management As a result of our strategic partnership with the, KM training and certification classes are offered to both groups and individuals, with special discounts for multiple registrations.   The courses are specially designed for KM Managers, Specialists, Workers and your Executive.
Small Business Assistance Consulting programs designed specifically for small business owners, with fees and services structured to meet your needs.

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